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Low Cost Hot Melt Adhesive 8 HDR

8 HDR Hot Melt Adhesive Data Sheet

  • 8-HDR is our new grade. It is available in units of 20Kg. and is ideal for general purpose  carton, sleeving and case sealing applications. With a very high hot tack, (hold down ability)  you will be able to use less adhesive and run more economically.

Flip Top Cartoning

  • Flip Top Cartoning, a recently completed installation  for a bagged product and packed on an Econoseal Cartoner. With hot melt glue closure top & bottom and with reclose lid (as with most Econoseals, done on a standard machine without modifications).

Flip Top Carton Packed on Econoseal







 Sleeve  Carton Yoghurt Pots

  • Auto placement of pots into tapered sleeve styled carton. 3 pack & 6 pack

Tape Feeding

  • Tape Feeding - shortly we will be able to offer high speed Tape Applicator units to apply a double sided adhesive tape with a backing paper to boards, cartons or wallets etc. Please contact us for more information.